Life is like skiing…

Live It, Learn It, Teach It.   My husband says to add Love It!  But that’s not life.  We are skiing.  I am living it, I am learning it, I am not ready to teach it, and I will never really love it.

We have many experiences but to be successful, we must focus our passions.  I do not think we can love everything or do everything with a passion.  That is too exhausting, too consuming.

But we can be passionate about some things.  Even better is to be passionate about a few things.  A passion allows us to focus our energy.  

So, back to skiing.  I am awed by the sublime view from atop Snowmass Mountain.  It is truly God’s country and we are blessed to have this experience.  I am not fast, I am not competitive, I am not passionate.  And that is just fine.  My passion lies elsewhere.  Skiing is fun,  teaching is my passion.  What is yours?

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