New Chicago School Chief

Chicago has a new school superintendent. The first of “The Six Secrets of Change” (Michael Fullan) is to love your employees (as much as your clients). I hope Mr. Brizard understands that our goal is student success and that happens best through effective teacher development and strong community support systems!

We cannot be mired in the “Management Model or Social Services Model” conflict. Effective school leadership must encompass both types of leadership. A system-level education administrator 1.must have a deep knowledge of the craft of teaching and learning, 2.must understand how to motivate and coach employees, and 3.must be able to effectively and transparently manage school and community systems.

Mr. Brizard now heads the the nation’s third largest school system. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a model for success. The months ahead will be full of expectations, challenges, struggles- and successes!

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