Dr. Ravitch on the Complexities of Schooling

I think Diane Ravitch is one of the most important educators and policy makers of our time. Her book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education is a must-read for administrators and policy makers. She was on President Obama’s short list for Secretary of Education. In this five minute video, she helps us understand the complex social and political dynamics affecting effective teaching and learning.

Today’s discussions on education are about the business model vs. the social service model, merit-pay, testing, rigor, etc. Let’s step back and truly understand what our educational goals are in the United States. Let’s deepen our understanding of teaching and learning. How do students think and acquire knowledge? How can society support the successful learning of all students? How can we develop educators who have a passion for their craft and an understanding of their students? How can each of us take responsibility for the greatest assets we have- our children!
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  1. Joy T. says:

    I watched the video on your website and I was intrigued by the conversation between Diane Ravitch and Jon Stewart. I agree that this is a very important conversation and the future of our entire human race depends on the quality of education that our children receive. Although I am not a teacher by trade, it is truly in my heart. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. This is what I believe makes me passionate about learning and teaching. I hope that our future leaders are able to develop innovative solutions that will give our next generation of learners what it takes to be successful.

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